Women's Community Centre Donation

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Earthyma has recently begun a relationship with the Women's Community Centre in Stepney, South Australia to donate a bundle of products regularly for the centre to use. There are not enough words for how excited I am to have this relationship with them.
The centre's primary focus over the last four decades has been to nurture resilience in women. Today it is a service known for its safe and friendly space, providing work skills, legal services, recreational wellbeing groups, healthy meals, Op-shop, free bread daily etc. It is a proven stepping stone for migrants, school leavers and women with DV experiences.
The Women's Community Centre is a self-funded centre. They count on profits from their op-shop, donations etc. to keep the centre running. If you would like to donate to them, you can do so here. Earthyma will pass on 100% of the donation directly to them.

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