About the earthyma family

We are a family business based in Adelaide, South Australia, on a journey to reduce our toxic chemical exposure and footprint on this beautiful earth.
Our passion is to produce handmade products without synthetic chemicals that are sustainable, reusable, eco friendly and reduce landfill. Our products are made with all natural ingredients for everyday use, to help assist a more simple lifestyle. Some of our creations include:
  • Beeswax Food Wraps and Reusable Produce Bags - they are both an alternative to plastic wrap and bags
  • Every day all-natural self care range: Eco-Natural All Purpose Wipes, Bar + Liquid Soap, Lip balm, Itch/Calming Balm, Moisturiser, Room Sprays.
  • The simple things: Playdough, Lavender Sachets & Eye Masks, Succulent pot plants and proud supplier of Santa Marta Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Provide products that do not have synthetic or toxic chemicals.
  • Promote sustainable ideas with the goal to reduce landfill and reduce everyday plastic.
  • Produce products that are compostable when finished with (e.g. beeswax food wraps and paper towel from all-purpose wipes etc).
  • Reduce single use plastic items for a more sustainable future.
  • Source packaging and ingredients from LOCAL suppliers where possible.
  • Avoid single use plastic items.
  • Research all ingredients that are used in our products.
  • We use ALL natural ingredients and the best quality essential oils in our range of balms, oils & wipes etc.
  • We love to refill. Majority of our products come in refillable jars etc. We encourage you to bring them back and swap for a full at a discounted price.
  • We are also happy for you to return any spare used bottles, containers and jars. We ALWAYS thoroughly clean AND sterilise them before using again.
  • We are always testing our natural products on ourselves, friends and family. Constantly researching/studying/reading/testing to improve.
Thank you to my awesome Dad - who supplies the delicious Extra Virgin Santa Marta Olive Oil, which is the base to many of our products. The Olives are locally grown at his pesticide and spray free farm in Maslin Beach and pressed locally.
You can find us at markets around Adelaide or on in the meantime we can deliver (locally), arrange shipping or feel free to collect from Magill. Head to FAQ for more information.
If you are interested in any products or have any queries/feedback, would love to hear from you. Contact us via email (hello@earthyma.com.au), like us on Facebook @earthymaproducts or follow us on Instagram @earthyma.char.
We hope to hear from you soon x