Wonder Hair and Body Oil

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Wonder Hair and Body Oil. 50mL

DIRECTIONS: To replenish, rejuvenate & nourish all skin types. Apply 2-3 pumps to clean hands and massage gently over tired, aging, scarred, and sensitive skin. You can also use this oil in your hair. Prior to washing your hair, massage a small amount into the scalp and leave for 10 minutes and then wash out thoroughly. To use as a leave-in conditioner, after you have washed it apply a small amount to the ends of your hair.

INGREDIENTS: A blend of fractionated coconut oil, calendula-infused oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, hemp oil and vitamin e, together with essential oils lavender, frankincense, rosemary and geranium.

CAUTION: Store away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes (rinse immediately if this occurs). If irritation is experienced, please discontinue use. Due to the Rosemary oil do not use this product when pregnant. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

Size: 50ml   Expiry: 9 months approx.

This is an oil-based product therefore a preservative is not necessary.

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