2 litre Extra virgin olive oil - Santa Marta (refill $32 or new $34)

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Delight in the Award-Winning Santa Marta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a testament to the artistry of my Dad's pesticide-spray-free farm in the beautiful landscapes of South Adelaide. Farmed with the essence of biodynamic practices, this liquid gold results from care, hard work and commitment to excellence. 

Enjoy the unparalleled quality of Santa Marta Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With olives, lovingly handpicked, undergo a local pressing, delivering a palate-pleasing richness and bold flavour beyond being a cooking essential for cooking, salads, dips, and baking.

Santa Marta olive oil is a harmonious addition to Earthyma products like our soap bars, body balm, lip balm, lip gloss, deodorant balmpeaceful lavender, playdough etc.


We encourage refills – return your bottle, and contribute to eco-friendly practices but also enjoy a discount on your next purchase. 

Choose from a 500mL or 2-litre bottle.

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