Cleansing face oil - sleep cleansed

Cleansing face oil - sleep cleansed

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Cleansing face oil. 50mL

We love using this cleansing oil before bed (or even first thing in the morning), as it's gentle, effective and leaves your skin feeling so soft and cleansed.

Foaming cleansing products often strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry. They can also exacerbate oily skin conditions as they strip away the natural oil, causing the skin to overproduce oil to compensate. Cleansing oils are much gentler and suitable for all skin types, they are particularly suited for dry and sensitive skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply 2-3 pumps to clean hands, massage gently over your face and then rinse with warm water or remove with a damp flannel or reusable make-up wipe. Follow with a toner/face spritz, face oil/serum and lotion/moisturiser.

INGREDIENTS: A beautiful blend of sunflower oil, castor oil, antioxidant vitamin e; and a small amount of lavender essential oil. Packaged in a pump dispenser bottles for ease of use. 

Why castor oil? Castor oil is often favored in cleansing oils as it's a thick oil that is slow to absorb, so it is good for massaging into the face. It is healing, cleansing and will help lift dirt away from the skin.

CAUTION: Store away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes (rinse immediately if this occurs). Patch test before using. If irritation is experienced, please discontinue use. For external use only.

Size: 50ml   Expiry: 6 months approx.

This is an oil based product therefore a preservative is not necessary.

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