Wooden Spoon $4 & Clay face masks $6.20: Kaolin / Pink / Kaolin & Pink. Or armpit detox: Bentonite.

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Clay face masks $6.50: Kaolin / Pink / Kaolin & Pink. 

Or armpit detox: Bentonite 

Wooden Spoon $4 

6 grams - approx. 3 face masks per sachet.

Clay masks are made with cosmetic clays and have great benefits. They are great at cleansing, purifying and detoxifying the skin. They boost circulation and leave skin smoother and brighter. We have two types of clays available or you can get a mixture of both clays, which include:

Kaolin clay: This is one of the most commonly available and versatile cosmetic clays. It’s known as the most gentle clay, particularly for its wonderful toning, soothing and softening effects.

It's used to purify, cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, balance skin oils (sebum), calm inflamed and acne-prone skin, and create an overall refreshed appearance. 

It is well suited for all skin types as it is not as drying as other clays can be.

Pink clay: is used to purify, cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, improve skin softness and create an overall refreshed appearance. It can also be used to treat acne and sun-damaged skin. It's mild clay and rich in minerals. The pink colour comes from naturally occurring red iron oxides. 

It is well suited for all skin types, particularly sensitive, dry and mature skin.


Mix 1 part clay (approx. 1-2 teaspoons) into 1 part liquid. For a thicker mask, you can add more clay. Apply the mask to the skin with clean hands or with a spoon. Leave for 10-15 minutes for it to work its magic. Remove your mask with a warm flannel/washcloth.

They are generally used as treatments 1-2 times a week maximum. As with all products we advise doing a patch test before use.

Finish up with a spray of our Earthyma Toner Spritz, Face Spritz and then lastly with our Oil-based Face Serum or a moisturiser of your choice... Your skin will feel like heaven!


While most people transition from a commercial/antiperspirant deodorant to natural deodorant with no issues, some people experience a 'detox period'. An armpit detox is a great way to help your body adapt to a natural deodorant.

As per instructions on the sachet, mix clay with apple cider vinegar or coconut oil till it makes a thick paste. Spread in an even layer over the armpits and allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. Remove in the shower or with a warm flannel. If you don't require an armpit detox, use this clay sachet for a face mask. It works great on acne-prone skin. Mix bentonite powder with water to make a thick paste and apply it to the face. 

We have sourced clay that is crushed and dried via a treatment, with absolutely no chemical additives. 

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