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Earthyma soap bar - hand & body


Made with our gorgeous locally sourced Santa Marta extra virgin olive oil, this soap is perfect for lathering up both your hands & body. 

We made the switch to bar soap a few years ago. It took about two washes to get used to it and now there is no turning back.

Choose from three variations - clay and no chia; clay and chia;  plain - no clay and no chia. The chia seeds help with exfoliating.

NO animal products. NO palm oil. NO plastic packaging. Made with love.

Kindly note - from time to time we make the soap in a bar as well. Therefore you could receive your gorgeous earthyma soap as a square bar in lieu of a flower.

INGREDIENTS: saponified extra virgin olive oil, purified water, and coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium lactate, pink clay and chia seeds (optional).

Why we have added pink clay to the soaps bars: Pink clay is a very mild detoxifier and a gentle exfoliant. It’s especially suitable for sensitive, mature, and dehydrated skins. Sounds great hey?

Why we don't add essential oils to our soap: Essential oils evaporate when exposed to light and air. From the moment cold process soap is made, essential oils will begin to fade. It also takes a large amount of essential oils to infuse soap and a large amount of plant to make high quality essential oils.

Therefore we prefer to save our essential oil usage for when we can receive there great benefits but at a much lower dilution e.g. face oils, moisturisers and balms etc. 

Also by not using essential oils in our soaps, we are able to keep the cost of soap bars down for our amazing customers, like yourself. We also really enjoy that pure soap smell.

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