Small / Med / Large - Beeswax Food Wraps

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A bit of everything Pack (Small, Medium and Large) - Beeswax Food Wraps

Made from 100% Cotton Material. Can be used as an alternative to plastic wrap, pack includes:

Small size: 18cm x 22cm APPROX ONLY 

Medium size: 26cm x 26cm APPROX ONLY

Large size: 32cm x 32cm APPROX ONLY

We cut the material the most practical way to avoid any wastage.

WRAP: cheese (keep original packaging on), bread, sandwiches, snacks, fruit and vegetables.

COVER: small and large - bowls, dishes & plates.

AVOID: Meat, liquid foods, hot water, ovens, microwaves & dishwashers.

The Beeswax works as a natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Once you're finished with them, cut them up into small pieces and place them in the compost. How cool is that?

We strongly recommend refreshing your wraps as needed, we usually do ours every 4-5 months. It helps the wrap go back to it’s original glory and prolongs it’s life by so much. Contact us direct to discuss a complementary refresh.

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