Eco Natural Wipes - All Purpose

Eco Natural Wipes - All purpose

  • $9.00

Eco Friendly All-Purpose Natural Wipes

Wipes are made in a reusable container with biodegradable paper towel and all natural ingredients. This includes Earthyma Products Lavender Infused Oil and natural antibacterial essential oils including Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil.

They can be used as an alternative for Baby Wipes, Face Wipes, Cleaning Wipes & more. We request you please discard paper towel in compost once finished with. You can continue to make yourself at home or return the container Earthyma Products.

WE OFFER REFILLS: Simply swap empty your container with Earthyma for a full container at a discounted rate ($6). We are happy to arrange collection and delivery if you are in Adelaide, South Australia. See our page FAQ for more details on how the system works or contact us direct.


We are not a fan of plastic however these containers serve a very useful purpose. We have made 100's in our same container for years. The thought of normal baby wipes make us cringe, as they never break down. We always use biodegradable paper towel which is compostable. They are made with ALL natural ingredients.

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